Artistic Welcome to Your Epic Tour, the travel company facilitating the creation of memorable, life changing travel to LDS Church History sites throughout the United States. caters to those wanting to enjoy an extraordinary group experience with other people. Touching insight, lectures, and firesides highlight the beautiful, sacred, and remarkable places of significance to both Saints and Prophets.

In addition to LDS Church History Touring, YourEpicTour will be hosting a trip to the US Capital, Washington D.C. in the Summer of 2008 for those who delight in joining with the "Founding Father" contemporary member of Congress, Dr. Ron Paul in a historic day of celebration


Upcoming tours

July 10-16, 2008 ~ Freedom March in Washington D.C. with Constitutionalist "Founding Father" Congressman Ron Paul.

July 21-31, 2008 ~ Epic Church Tour, 11 day 10 night. Fly from Salt Lake City to Vermont.

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