Artistic Wowerfully significant to those embarking on such a tour would be their preparing their hearts and minds with stories from their own family if applicable. Latter-day Saints not familiarizing themselves with their own family history fail to enjoy a richer fuller experience. Bring Family stories. Know what ancestor lived in Nauvoo, what ones might have died at Winter Quarters.

New converts or saints not having family who journied through the plains with Brigham Young to the Salt Lake Valley (now an increasing majority of the Church) need not feel neglected. You are to feel and study the work of the prophets and the restoration, and be uplifted as you blaze your own trail for your own posterity, and as you do work for those loved ones who await your work of redemption in the Temples.

Also recommended would be the usual as any trip would indicate, plus scriptures, a journal, 5 days of clothing and a jacket.


Upcoming tours

July 10-16, 2008 ~ Freedom March in Washington D.C. with Constitutionalist "Founding Father" Congressman Ron Paul.

July 21-31, 2008 ~ Epic Church Tour, 11 day 10 night. Fly from Salt Lake City to Vermont.

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