Artistic Wreedom and Liberty, both priceless gifts of the Creator God, of Natures God, are not usually long held upon the earth as tyrants are ever vigilant, and prosperous generations permit "scheming leaders" to steal away their birth right of liberty.

Congressman Ron PaulCongressman Ron Paul has been a man of great statesmanship through his ten terms in Washington D.C., constantly voting the way he should, and lovers of liberty across the nation have taken notice. In his presidential campaign he broke all time contribution records in the final quarter of 2007, won all on-line polling after debates excepting one where Romney barely squeeked ahead of him, he's the number one seller on and the New York Times list, and active US military officers have given him more campaign dollars than to all other candidates combined. Yes, Ron Paul has sparked passion not seen since Reagan and Goldwater from the true grassroots.


Upcoming tours

July 10-16, 2008 ~ Freedom March in Washington D.C. with Constitutionalist "Founding Father" Congressman Ron Paul.

July 21-31, 2008 ~ Epic Church Tour, 11 day 10 night. Fly from Salt Lake City to Vermont.