Artistic Wur exciting summer travel season of 2008 begins with a ground breaking march for Freedom and Liberty in the nations capital of Washtington D.C. covering the dates of July 10-16, 2008. This trip is highly anticipated by those already booking the tour, and will be a time filled with great patriotic americans who "love and cherish freedom."

This is a much more bare bones package than would be our other trips, this covers the cost of transporation only, leaving travelers free to purchase their own meals and lodging when the bus stops.

The cost: $350 per person, or $300 for 2 or more.


Upcoming tours

July 10-16, 2008 ~ Freedom March in Washington D.C. with Constitutionalist "Founding Father" Congressman Ron Paul.

July 21-31, 2008 ~ Epic Church Tour, 11 day 10 night. Fly from Salt Lake City to Vermont.

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