Artistic Whe Epic Church Tour covering the dates from July 21-31, 2008 consist of 11 days and 10 nights of amazing, life altering travel. All Hotels and Meals to be provided through this booking.

The tour begins with a flight on July 21 from Salt Lake International Airport to beautiful Vermont, birthplace of the prophet Joseph Smith. From Vermont the tour winds it's way westward passing through the historic migration of the Latter-day Saints through the 1830's and 1840's.

Enjoyed free time to visit, walk, and ponder.

Nightly firesides presented that will inspire and uplift, with opportunity to share ones own feelings, insights and convictions with the people with whom such trips create such strong and dear friendships. You're encouraged in the sharing of your knowledge and testimony.


Upcoming tours

July 10-16, 2008 ~ Freedom March in Washington D.C. with Constitutionalist "Founding Father" Congressman Ron Paul.

July 21-31, 2008 ~ Epic Church Tour, 11 day 10 night. Fly from Salt Lake City to Vermont.

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